My Time at #cue15

The story of my #cue15 began last December. I eagerly awaited to hear if my proposals were accepted, but sadly, they were not.

I then pondered if I would go. It would be great to catch up with many members of my PLN, but registration, hotel, and food could easily cost between $500 and $1000. With a heavy heart, I decided to forego the trip.

Events took as sudden turn for the better six days before the conference when Thomas Shields from Curriculet contacted me and indicated that the company would be willing to pay for me to go in exchange for time working in the booth. Needless to say, I was on board with the idea.

It was my first time working as a vendor instead of a presenter or a participant. Although I did get some time to attend sessions, I spent the majority of my time with Curriculet, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not have the intense pressure to deliver a great presentation and wasn’t working on anything at the last minute. I also didn’t have to worry about which sessions to attend and instead spent time bouncing in and out of presentations. Sessions from Scott Bedley and Mark Hammons did teach me some great tricks and tips.

I also had the opportunity to see an educational technology tool from the developer’s perspective. Publishers set some limits on what companies like Curriculet can do with their product, and the company has adapted quite well to those restrictions. The company also has the challenge of offering a low-cost and high-quality product while turning a profit, a no easy task indeed.

Ultimately, the best part of CUE is the best part of any conference: seeing people you know and making connections. I met countless people for the first time and reconnected with others.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.


One comment

  1. It was great to get a chance to say hello. So glad to be following your blog now. I am just starting with my blogging and trying to remember to post. I have found it to be a great vehicle for reflection, sharing, and communicating. Here’s to a great week!

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