Planning an EdCamp

For the first time in my life, I am part of an effort to organize an EdCamp, the first official EdCamp San Jose.

The other week, I met with the other co-organizers: Diane Wharton, MaryFran Lynch, Liz Davis, and Matt Cordes. (Todd Feinberg and Andrew Schwab are playing key roles in the use of the site and were unable to make it.) We discussed the logistics–and most importantly–what questions we need to address when planning the event. The organizers bring some amazing strengths to the table. MaryFran can anticipate many of the challenges we need to work through, Diane is willing to create tee shirts for the event, Matt can use connections to edtech companies, and Liz brings a wealth of information from her experience at EdCamp Boston.

It was wonderful getting to meet some of the people for the first time and discussing what we are going to do. I walked away feeling grateful to be a part of this wonderful team, knowing that everyone will make this a wonderful day.

I look forward to meeting with everyone again and am extremely grateful to be part of an amazing team.


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