One Word (or Maybe Two)

I am taking part in the EduStory challenge of blogging once a week, and this week’s topic is to come up with one word that will inspire me in 2015.

I considered the usual suspects: hope, inspiration, engagement, etc. But these just didn’t do it for me.

Finally–it just clicked. BOO YAH.

I know, I know. It’s technically two words. But you know what–this is MY blog post, and I am using TWO WORDS! HA!

Seriously though, I want everything I do this year to echo and resound with Boo Yah. I want my students to do awesome things, and I want the environment to echo greatness. I want the enthusiasm and genuine emotion to be palpable, where everyone comes to be excited about learning, and students do amazing things. If I can only achieve part of this ambitious goal, it will still be a success.

So here is to a BOO YAH 2015. May the year be filled with pure awesomeness.



  1. In the spirit of this ale, I do declare it is one word, so it does fit for this challenge :). This word also captures an air fist bump to declare awesomeness around. Teaching with this in mind is bound to be powerful. So I clink my glass to you….and your lucky students. Booyah!

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