Do you Kahoot?

Last month, I first heard about a quiz / game website called Kahoot. The way it works is simple: the teacher creates quizzes, and students answer questions on computers or devices. There is a time limit for each question, and students get points for answering them correctly and quickly. The less time it takes to answer correctly, the more points students earn. At the end of the game, students see a list of top-earners.

With many educational tools and strategies, we often wonder if students will like it, or what will happen if we don’t do it absolutely correctly. When I started using Kahoot, I was blown away by how much my students bought into it. They all get very excited and try to earn the most points in the class. (I often award Classcraft XP points to the game’s champion)

I have used it as a formative assessment tool, but I also like to use it if the class has been doing some intensive, quiet work an extended stretch of time, and the kids need a break. It allows them to participate and be excited while also staying focused on class material.

It takes some legwork creating quiz questions, but the site currently has 415,700 free quizzes (by the time you read this, it will probably be higher) that you can easily use with your students.

I delayed using it for the first few weeks, but in retrospect, I wish I had started earlier. What’s stopping you?


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