My Time at CapCUE TechFest

Everything was going great. We woke up nice and early, hit smooth traffic for the entire two-hour trip, and I was on-time to the Conference a full 45 minutes before I had to present. No problems at all.

Until I realized that nobody was there, except for some football and basketball players.

I checked my phone and then realized that I had accidentally told my wife to drop me off at Natomas High School instead of Natomas Charter School. I called her, but she was already on the way to the zoo with the kids. My blood pressure started to rise.

Then I thought, “They’re both called Natomas, so they much be close to each other!” I checked my phone. Natomas Charter was a one-hour walk away (2.9 miles), and I had 45 minutes to get there. At that point, I realized that there was only one thing I could do. Run. With a laptop, an iPad, a full water bottle, and two chargers. In the Sacramento heat.

It wasn’t easy, but by the grace of God, I made it on-time to present on Genius Hour with minutes to spare. I learned my lesson: double-check the location when looking at directions!

I presented on Genius Hour and Assessment Tools. I feel like my presentations were okay, but I am not entirely satisfied with them. Revisions are already underway so I can give attendees a better learning experience. I am planning on awarding badges for participants who are able to create activities or accounts on the spot. Research is underway to see if others have created more innovative way to use various tools in order to give attendees the latest and greatest information.

In many ways, I hope to improve my next presenting experience, including getting the location right.



  1. Great post, fine presentation, and perfect approach to making each experience better than the last. Oh, and did I mention? Phenomenal dedication to get there on time. Next time tweet a friend for a ride 🙂

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