The Joy of Flipped Learning

Flipping is a lot of work. It requires extra front load planning, constant checking in, planning ahead, and dealing with greater parental concerns. It is very hard, to say the least.

This begs the question: is it worth it?

I would answer with an unequivocal yes.

It offers many advantages, mainly by freeing up the time for me to prepare students for the traditional learning environment they will face in high school while also engaging them with hands on projects and interactive learning.

These are all important benefits, and we should not make light of them, but ultimately, the most significant change is the very culture of the learning environment itself. In a very short amount of time, I have made the full transition from Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side. I don’t feel the pressure to wow them with a dazzling lecture or presentation; I am merely here to help them. I am much more open to feedback and student voice than ever before. My entire outlook on teaching has changed: I no longer care about being a great teacher, but more about creating a great learning environment. I am still important, but I am more a learning helper than a distributor of knowledge.

THIS is why I flip.


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