Small Group Grammar

I start every class with a grammar warmup, which provides formative assessment about how students are comprehending material we are learning. I finally enabled Flubaroo to send emails to students with their scores, and they were able to see exactly what they were getting and where they needed some work.

After I sent those to the students, I asked them on Socrative what they needed to do to learn the material. Currently, we are going over when to use who instead of that in a sentence, and when to use lie or lay. I asked them what they needed from me. Did they need me to sit and explain it again? Did they need extra practice? Did they need extra help in one topic and not the other?

I was then able to view the results as a spreadsheet. Some put the onus on themselves and said that they needed to work harder to master the material. Others said that they needed some extra explanation from me. I then sat down with students who needed extra help with who and that, and after some small-group sessions, I sat down with students who needed extra help with lie and lay.

Will this work?

The beauty of constant formative assessment is that I constantly check in to see their comprehension levels. Tomorrow morning, I will do another formative assessment, and we can see how they are doing with these concepts.


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