My First EdCamp!

Today was EdCamp San Francisco Bay. It was truly a great experience. I had heard so much about Edcamps, but because of the informality of the process, I didn’t quite know what to expect.

What struck me most of all was the collegiality of the gatherings, both formal and informal. I think that most people who voluntarily attend Edcamps are comfortable with technology, and everyone has something to offer. Even the great Alice Keeler, Cheryl Morris, Beth OingDiane Main, Moss Pike, and Lisa Highfill were willing to listen to what others had to say. I had lunch with people from Merit, and they were as humble as could be. The content of sessions mattered much less than all of us being together and providing emotional support for one another. The mere act of helping and supporting one another was what I took away from EdCamp.

We are all dedicated to helping learners prepare for the 21st century, and if we all help one another, we might just change the world.


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