First Attempt in (Flipped) Learning

I spent all summer in eager anticipation of this. I read books. I applied what I had learned in workshops. I worked and worked and worked to get ready for this. Flipped Learning.

I created a google site for the class. I made video after video after video. I annotated videos. Lately, I had even been inserting quiz questions through EdPuzzle. I had imagined and reimagined what the first day of a flipped class would look like. Students would be excited, impassioned, and would be ready to lead the charge into a new way of education. 

And yet, here we were after two days, struggling with app after app, barely getting students on board. Despite the fact that I had tested out access codes beforehand, there were still problems in class. We had spent the first day doing nothing but going over locker procedures. I spoke briefly about Flipped Learning, but didn’t seem to inspire them. I couldn’t even assign a video after two days because not all the students were even on EdPuzzle. 

Does this mean that my flipped learning model is doomed? I don’t think so. (I hope not!!!) This is a completely new way of learning for students, and it will take time for them to get the hang of things. It will also take time for me as a teacher to properly design classroom instruction accordingly. This was certainly my “First Attempt in Learning” (otherwise known as FAIL), and I will have many more as I work my way through Flipped Learning.



  1. Hi Travis. I read this and have empathy for you. I flipped my class for the first time last year. Hang in there. The students will love it once you get all the kinks worked out.

  2. I love your positive attitude, even with the difficulties. Your students will learn a lot just from that! Hang in there! I’m a flipped classroom rookie, too, and so far I have not had technical difficulties (finding some wood to knock on), but I know challenges will come. But with just what I’ve seen and experienced in less than 2 weeks, I believe it is all worth it!

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